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Jaanika Kingumets

Researcher and PhD student in social anthropology

Phone: 050 437 7350

Room: Linna 5082

Office hours: by appointment


Born and grown up in Estonia, I started my academic life in the field of sociology at the University of Tartu (BA in sociology in 2005), Estonia. Since January 2004, I have been living, studying and working in Tampere, the majority of the time being related to University of Tampere.

In 2006-2007 I studied in an interdisciplinary master's program "Places, Spaces and Transnational Relations" under the supervision of Prof Ulla Vuorela. From that time, especially that I became highly interested in ethnographical research method, I consider myself first of all an anthropologist. In addition, I have been studying anthropology in University of Victoria, Canada as graduate exchange student in autumn 2007. My everyday life extends from Finland to Estonia and Spain trying to balance between multiple languages, cultural convictions and family traditions.

Research projects and interests:

I'm currently working as a researcher in a research and art collaboration project "Constructing a dialogue - research and development project on mutual relations of migrant populations in Finland[Dialogisuutta rakentamassa - tutkimus- ja kehittämishanke Suomen maahanmuuttajaryhmien keskinäisistä suhteista], funded by Kone Foundation 2018-2020, PI Dr. Markku Sippola. The study investigatates the social media conversations of Estonian and Russian migrants in Finland in popular social media groups and looks at the various ways both groups establish their identity in relation to native Finns and other ethnic groups in Finland. The research team works closly together with theatre artists and the end result of the study will be a play that works with ethnic hieararchies in Finland.

In Autumn 2009 I started a PhD research in social anthropology. The research project is about home-making practices among Russian-speakers in Narva, Estonia. It is an ethnographic exploration about Soviet and post-Soviet modes of living, home-making and belonging. My aim with this research is to study what the dynamics of place and home-making are in politically, economically and culturally contested situations among the Russian-speakers in Narva, Estonia. Theoretically, the study builds on contemporary anthropological discussions of the production of places and spaces, homes and houses and transnational ways of living and being. The research was funded by Kone Foundation between 2010-2016.

08-12/2009 I worked as a researcher in the project “Ruptures and Continuity: Cross Cultural Perspectives on Belonging and Generations in Eastern Europe” (University of Tampere, project lead Prof Ulla Vuorela, funded by Finnish Academy).

Areas of interest in research

Belonging, home-making, everyday life practices, mobility & migration, transnational/translocal communities & practices, Soviet, postsocialist and transnational subjectivities, anthropology of hope, anthropology of emotions, anthropology of state, ethnography.

In recent years, I have had a growing interest in applied anthropology and I'm open to participate in various private and public sector service design projects to strengthen the team with my expertise as ethnographer/research designer. I'm currently studying Design Management and Service Design in University of Lapland open university (the specialisation 25 ECTS will be completed by July 2018). 

Papers presented in conferences, symposiums and seminars:

  • Envisioning the futures in the absense of a good state and hope among Soviet-era Russian Speakers in Narva, Estonia, 14th EASA biennial conference: Anthropological legacies and human futures. University of Milano-Bicocca, 20/07-23/07/16, Milan, Italy.
  • Studying Narva in people’s own words: the journey through paradise to the town with no future, Jutustatud linnad - Narrated towns - Рассказанные города. A conference in the possibilities of (historic) urban studies. Tartu University Narva College and Narva Museum, 18/09-20/09/14, Narva.
  • Understandings and practices of (im)mobility among Russian-speaking Narvans, 11th international SIEF congress ‘Circulation’. International Society of Ethnology and Folklore, 30/06-04/07/13, Tartu.
  • Dachas as part of Russian-speaking Narvans’ creative home-making, Finnish Anthropological Conference 2013: Culture, creativity and performativity. Finnish Anthropological Society, 16-17/05/13, Tampere.
  • Russian-speakers in Narva and their management of industrial identities in Soviet and post-Soviet society, Finnish Anthropological Conference 2011: Dynamic Anthropology: Tensions between Theory and Practise. Finnish Anthropological Society, 5-7/10/11, Helsinki.
  • Translokaalne Narva eile ja täna, Eesti Sotsiaalteadlaste konverents 20 aastat iseseisvust. University of Tallinn, 22-23/08/11.
  • Virolaiset siirtotyöläiset Suomessa: matkustelua työn ja kodin välillä, Työväestö maahanmuuttajana – THPTS:n kesäseminaari. Työväen historian ja perinteen tutkimuksen seura, 8-9/08/11, Tampere.
  • The problematics of the “unproblematic”: Soviet labour migration and its consequences to people’s everyday lives, Community, Work and Family international conference IV. University of Tampere, 19-21/05/11.
  • The subjective and emotional in Soviet translocal migration and its aftermath: the case of Narva, Estonia, 10th international SIEF congress People Make Places – ways of feeling the world. International Society of Ethnology and Folklore, 17-21/04/11, Lisbon.
  • Crossing cultural and political borders while doing ethnographic fieldwork among Russian-speakers in Narva: First reflections of a young anthropologist on the field, International seminar Continuity and Discontinuity of Borders. University of Tartu & University of Eastern Finland within the project “Writing Cultures and Traditions at Borders”, 9-10/12/10, Tartu.
  • Place-making in Soviet and post-Socialist context, VII ETMU Days: Negotiating the Local and Global: Values, Citizenship and Education. ETMU, 21-22/10/10, Oulu.
  • When anthropology and cultural geography meet: Place and home-making among Russian-speakers in postwar urban space of the town of Narva, Noorgeograafide sügissümpoosion “Lendav maailm”. EGSN, 13/10/10, Tõstamaa. [A yearly symposium of young geographers in Estonia]
  • Journey on Forefront: Diversified Perceptions on Distance and Time in Estonian-Finnish Cross-Border Travelling, International conference ‘Migrations: Rethinking Contemporary Migration Events’, Telč, Czech Republic, 28/05-1/06/08 (poster).


Master's thesis

Kingumets, Jaanika (2008) Travelling across Estonian-Finnish borders and its transnational dimensions. An ethnographical perspective of Estonians living in Finland. Master's thesis. Department of Sociology and Social Psychology. University of Tampere.


Sippola, Markku ja Jaanika Kingumets (2018) Viro 100: Virolaiset Suomessa. Politiikasta -lehti, Feb 22,

Kingumets, Jaanika (2017) on Arno Tanner's and Ismo Söderling's (eds.) (2016) book Venäjänkieliset Suomessa: Huomisen suomalaiset [Russian-speakers in Finland: The future Finns] in Nordic Journal of Migration Studies 7:4. 264-265.  DOI:

Kingumets, Jaanika (2016) Miten Viron lehdistö luo kuvaa suomenvirolaisista. ELO, Jan 25,

Kingumets, Jaanika (2015) Kuidas Eesti ajakirjandus loob Soome eestlast. Postimees, May 12,

Kingumets, Jaanika (2013) Sissejuhatus doktoriuurimusse Narva venekeelse elanikkonna translokaalsest kohast ja kodust. Toim. E. Kruuse, K. Mänd, A. Printsmann, T. Vaasma ja K. Vilumaa, Lendav maailm. Külmale maale. Noorgeograafide sügissümpoosionite artiklite kogumik. Eesti Geograafia Seltsi Publikatsioonid XIII, EGSN ja EGEA-Tartu 2010-2012, lk 66-77.

Kingumets, Jaanika (2003) Tööjõud Tartu maakonna ettevõtetes: rahulolu, vajadus ja koolitus. Toim. R. Murakas, Tartumaa Ettevõtlusuuring 2003. Sotsioloogise uurimuse kokkuvõte [Tartumaa Enterprises 2003. Summary of a sociological survey]. Tartu: Tartu Ülikooli Kirjastus, lk 47-57,


Feb 2016 Transnational Anthropology of Gender and Family: Russia Within and Beyond (2 hrs); Spring 2015 Anthropology of Places, Homes and Houses at the University of Tampere (20 hrs); in 2013-2014 various lectures in the following courses: Ethnographic Research Methods, Anthropology of Eastern Europe and Transnational Anthropology.

Research networks:

The Finnish Anthropological Society; European Association of Social Anthropologists (EASA); EASA Applied Anthropology network; EASA Anthropology and Mobility Network (ANTHROMOB); Research Centre on Transnationalism and Transformation (TRANSIT); Finnish – Russian Network for Russian and Eurasian Studies in Social Science and Humanities (FRRESH); The Society for the Study of Ethnic Relations and International Migration (ETMU).


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